D-TAG Consulting & Equipment

D-TAG Consulting & Equipment (formerly known as SpareParts & Services B.V.) (est. 2007) is a Company active mainly in the Paper Industry. Our Company is focussed on the delivery of SpareParts, Services and on request Equipment for all Starch Applications.

Wet-end-, Surface Sizing and Coating.
We design-, engineer and develop new technologies and Equipment, which are using Starch as a raw material. You can think of “Jetcookers, hydro-heaters, Enzymatic Converters, Starch-Slurry filters etc. Due to our wealth of experience, using AutoCAD, 3D (Solid Works) and E-plus, we can in many occasions reduce engineering costs. Furthermore we have specialists/engineers who can do all service and maintenance on these Equipments. We have approx. 90% of all SpareParts in stock.

Also for turn-key (processing systems) Projects, we can supply individual project management/consulting and advise.


D-TAG Products BV

Our sister Company D-TAG Products BV is our tool to have everything in one hand.

  • Starch
  • Equipment
  • Service and Maintenance.

Established September 19th 2008, D-TAG Products is a new company focussed on the sales of Products and the corresponding standard and bespoke equipment for a variety of (starch) users in industry.

Based in Stadskanaal ( the Netherlands) Lampung (Indonesia) and in Chillán (BioBio Chile) D-TAG Products BV is a company who is active worldwide in sourcing and marketing agricultural ingredients. The agricultural products are produced by strategic and well selected partners.

Overview of our products

  • Our potato based products are produced in the US as in Belgium and Denmark (Europe)
  • Our tapioca based products are produced in Indonesia, Thailand and South America.
  • Our corn based products are produced in the US, China, Israel and different Countries in Europe.
  • Our wheat based products are produced mainly in Europe.

With the ability to look where our customers are located in relation with the global spreading of our producers we are able to select the best producer-customer combination.

In means of product, price and logistic. Our target is to build up further relations and to be qualified as a reliable and efficient partner for the paper-, technical applications- and food industry.

If you have any questions, please contact us.